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    The 6-week course includes:

     The proven strategies that have allowed Scribe LLC and Pearlstone Consulting to raise over $37 million for their nonprofit clients.


    Join us for our six-week LIVE grant writing course: "FUNDED! Position your nonprofit for grant success." You will learn how to:

    • Conduct a Grant Readiness Assessment on your Organization

    • Develop a clear and concise logic model

    • Identify potential funders

    • Approach potential funders with a personalized grant proposal

    • Develop grant language, templates and budgets for your organization


    ... and more! You will also receive expert feedback and worksheets with actionable steps that you can implement in your organization right away.

    The 90-minute classes will start on Tuesday May 23, 2023  and end on June 27, 2023

    Meet the Instructors

    With over 30 years, combined experience, the instructors have raised over $37,000,000 for nonprofit organizations

    We are incredibly grateful to Autumn and the team at Scribe LLC for taking our grants to the next level. We recently went through a rebrand and tightened up our narrative so donors better understand the important work that we do.  This effort combined with the expert grant writing and recommendations by the Scribe team have helped us to increase our foundation giving by 170% in one year!  

    Beth Bell, Braveworks

    For More Information:

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